Original Love Letter Sample: Sometimes the written words do not properly reflect my thoughts

Hello, my precious,

I was such a wonderful surprise to open your ecard this morning... you are the kindest and sweetest lady I have ever met! I was not really looking forward to going in to work early this morning, out into the cold and rain... then I played your lovely card. You totally changed my mood, and I left my house smiling. I love to have nice surprises!

Yes, I really felt your kisses today; in fact I took one of your photos with me into work today. I was so nice to be able to see you at different times of the day; it made me feel like you were with me all the time.

Please let me assure you that I loved our chat, I love and admire your humor so much..! You know, it is a sign that your English is exceptionally good, that you are able to create humor in English, it is wonderful. I was not looking for you to be too serious, just to be yourself, which is the reason why I am so attracted to you!

Sorry we could not continue chatting last night. I thought maybe your phone died because it did not have enough charge. I think I tried to say "goodnight" offline.
I am certainly not disappointed in any way, quite the opposite in fact, so please erase this thought from your mind..!

The only way you could ever disappoint me would be if you decided not to speak to me anymore, and I do not believe you would do that, so we are cool! Actually, I was sending me to bed, not you, I had taken some strong medicine that my parents had bought for me, as I had told them that I had not been sleeping too well lately. It started to take effect towards the end of our chat, so I needed to sleep urgently. I am sorry if my comment seemed to be a bit dismissive, this was not my intention. Sometimes the written words do not properly reflect my thoughts...

I am looking forward to our next "live" chat, I hope that you are also? I am going out for a walk this morning, the sun is shining today. Then lunch with my parents, at their house. I will be free for a chat in the evening, Can we arrange a date..?

So much looking forward to our next chat...

My heart belongs to you.
Sweet kisses, tight hugs...
Yours forever,

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