Great Tips How to Make Him Think About You All the Time

Fed up with the fact that your man is taking you for granted? This makes you unsure of his true feelings for you and you would like to make sure you know just where you stand! The best way to do this is to make him miss you like crazy! Here are some techniques that will help you.

Don't let fear grip you
Don't be afraid or panic wondering if you are going to be dumped and forgotten by your man. This fear will make you behave wrongly and in fact push him away! The first thing is to behave in a more loving and caring manner as well as pamper and spoil him. He will enjoy all the attention and get to depend on it heavily.
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Do the vanishing move
Just when he is lapping it all up and enjoying the attention you are giving him, tell him that you are going away on a holiday as you desperately need it. Even if he tries to dissuade you from going away, you have to be adamant and leave as it is an important part of the plan.

Give him the opportunity to miss you
While you are away - don't call or text him. In fact let him stew and worry about your feelings for him for a change! By staying away from him he is going to miss all the things you did for him that made life so comfortable and wonderful for him. Let him realize your worth!

Give him a busy signal
If you don't call him he will desperately try to call you. Show him that you are having a great time and prove that you don't need him to be around all the time. This will make him really begin to miss you like crazy. Send him pictures to prove that you are enjoying yourself.

Use a friend
Sending him a picture that shows you in the company of a friend will make him hate the idea of you being in the company of another man. Chances are that he will want you back immediately or even take the next flight out to be with you there!

Enhance your looks
If you looked fantastic when you were with him, make sure you look even more stunning and gorgeous now that you are away. This new image will make him long to have you back in his arms again.

Know when to end this testing period
Once you have proved your point and make him realize how much he took you for granted, you should know when to call it a day and go back to him. If your little test to prove his love for you was successful then go back to a grand reunion!

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