Capricorn Man in Love

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Capricorn man often seems to others too serious and unapproachable, he is conservative and a complete realist. But if you can look beyond that stone wall which Capricorn manages to build around, the picture is quite different, because at heart Capricorn is a gentle romantic, even a dreamer, he is not against love fun and adventure.  Sometimes, dealing with just such a "closed" man - Capricorn, it may seem that he is not looking for anything and he is not interested, but it's not quite right, just natural modesty does not allow him to go on the first contact. But making friends with anyone, Capricorn strive as much as possible to maintain these relationships.

In order to melt Capricorn heart you can do using praise and compliments, which he really loves, but he would never admit that.
The main qualities of Capricorn men are perseverance, tenacity and endurance. Capricorn men are people of strong convictions and great ambitious (they need honor, but loud glory they will try to avoid), it helps Capricorn men to make a career and earn good money. At the same time, keep in mind that they like to save more than you spend. But the most important quality of Capricorn man is the reliability and you can be sure that he is such a man you can rely on in everything and he will not betray.

Also, Capricorns have another interesting characteristic – the older they get, the better their character become. With age Capricorn man loses his former arrogance and is becoming more sociable and kind hearted. We can say that over the years a man Capricorn tends to catch the opportunities that were missed in his youth.
Family and children are still the main and irredeemable values ​​in life of a matured Capricorn, because you remember that reliability - this is the most remarkable feature of them. Family for Capricorn - is sacred. Incidentally, this is why, some Capricorn man doesn’t create his own family (and such men often live with their parents), so, in order to please him, you need to make a good impression on his family.
With regard to women's appearance, the Capricorn man will appreciate simple but tasteful clothing. The same can be said about the makeup – the less the better, more natural.

Capricorn man in love
Speaking out about their feelings, especially about love, Capricorn man does not like to speak much. In his opinion, it is better to prove his attitude towards women in fact by appropriate actions than empty words.
Before making a serious step regarding his beloved, Capricorn man will reflect a lot, because he wants to start a family once and for good. Generally, if Capricorn man is confident in his choice and allow a woman in his life, she will get a lot of his warmth. For this man Capricorn must fully trust his companion, but to build a closer relationship it may take some time. All the way to the heart of Capricorn is not through impulsive behavior, but a well thought out system of actions.

About astrological compatibility we can say that Capricorn men are best suited to women born under the signs of Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces. Somewhat more complicated to build relationships with other Capricorn, Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Libra and Sagittarius. However, they also have a chance if they could find the key to the heart of reserved Capricorn.

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  2. A very in detail well written article about Capricorn men. But as on my experience Capricorn men are difficult to read because they are quiet by nature and they usually are emotionless on the outside, but inside is a different story. Capricorns like erecting a wall between people because they don't like showing how they actually feel, it makes them feel vulnerable, it makes them feel exposed. Capricorns are very cautious people, they like knowing what other people are thinking and yet they won't tell anyone what they are thinking. Capricorns are very practical. Therefore, as your relationship progresses he will want to help you in practical ways and take care of you to a certain extent. As they are not very expressive there are Signs a Capricorn man likes you loves you and wants you without expressing his feelings.

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