Original Love Letter Sample: All I want to do is be with you and feel ALL of you

Hello, my love,

I sent you sms, but maybe you are having problems receiving it?

It is so wonderful to receive your sweet sms and emails. I look forward to them, more than I can say. You really brighten up my winter days. I never want to imagine life without you with me.

I will take my phone to bed with me, in case you are able to send a message, I hope you get your phone sorted soon. I really miss your lovely messages!

I never know I could madly be in love again. As soon as I met you my heart felt tranquility. When I met you online, a new me was born.
Now I have you in my life, and all I want to do is be with you and feel ALL of you now and forever. Do you know that you are wanted ... how much? That is not something I can express in words - eternally much, badly, extremely much? I can't wait until I can embrace you; kiss you, to melt in your caring and loving arms, to show you HOW much you are desired. We will be together soon ... I just love You very much!
Each passing day brings us closer to each other and I am sure all our dreams will come true, because we complete each other, we were made to be happy and only together!

Please remember that every hour that goes by, is one hour closer to our first meeting!

I love you with all my heart, my angel.
I will always need you close to me, now and forever!

Kisses and tight hugs.

P.S. I wanted to share my feelings in this song for you. Hope you like it too..


Wish you a happy day... love you always

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