How to Make a Capricorn Man Miss You Like Crazy

Let us discuss a little bit about Capricorn man personality. This man has erected a stone wall around himself. He looks shy, but at the same time strong and sturdy. Soft but terribly ambitious, he seems that he prefers solitude, but in fact he doesn't.

Secretly he craves for human approval. At heart he is an incurable romantic, but Saturn imposes heavy fetters on him, demanding discipline, complete peace of mind, practical actions and serious intent. This is his cross, and he is forced to carry it to the end.

Trying to keep Capricorn man or bring him back, keep in mind that he should not guess that you want to start a relationship again. If you start to beg him directly to forgive you or to ask him to forget about everything and start over after a recent betrayal or years of disappointment or distance, he is likely to show you his indifference and carelessness. The point is to clarify what has worked in your relationship, so you can build on those things and stay motivated to do the repair work needed.But first of all you need suddenly disappear from his sight, focus more on yourself, find new hobbies, invest in you literally, do more of what makes you happy and after a while he will start to look for you. It's difficult but to be patient it pays at the end.
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Your Capricorn man is not in a hurry to call and come to you? Think about where you can accidentally meet him. Seeing you in passing by, he would not think that you are specifically looking for him, but the feelings will re-fill his heart. He has not seen you for quite a while, trying to repay the love and sudden encounter will make him think that you can still return it.

Keep working on your personality, improve yourself, get yourself to a new hobby, and create another image. When you have conversations with the former partner, he was surprised that during the separation, you have changed for the better. This can lead to a new round of your relationship.

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Ask his friends; find out which of them could be your assistant in such a difficult event. Support from friends not only helps you in moral terms, so you will always be aware of events in the life of your Capricorn man.
If a Capricorn man agreed to try to restore your relationship, try to analyze what exactly they didn't suit him in the past. Perhaps some sort of your character trait led to quarrels. If you try to remove the most irritating factors, Capricorn man would feel that you appreciate his love. Try to bring in something new in your relationship. In his heart, he's a man of character - a romantic, and he will be pleasantly surprised if you make him a surprise. For example, arrange your Capricorn a dinner with candles; he will appreciate your effort. The more of these kind of highlights will appear in your relationship, the stronger Capricorn would stick to you.

Do not get upset if a man will not initially show much emotions. Representants of this character are very secretive, so it cannot take the initiative after the reconciliation, taking a wait and see position. Try not to overdo it in their attempts to restore the relationship, Capricorn man doesn't like obsessions. Pretend to be not averse to it, but do not get upset if nothing happens. This approach provokes Capricorn man to try to make you fall in love with him. As a result, chasing this result, he will get closer to you.

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