Finding Love Through Dating Sites

        Dating is no longer what it was in the past. And by past, this does not mean a century ago - no - even comparing the present day dating scene with what it was 20 years ago can demonstrate how much society has changed. There are a lot of reasons for this with the main being the ever evolving human culture and the realities of day to day living. Life has become very hectic and people increasingly have less time than they would have had before to go for many and long dates so as to get to know someone. Add to that the innate wall that many people build around themselves after being in one-too-many unsuccessful relationships and you can see that the dating scene is not for the fainthearted. And if ordinary dating is difficult, then it can be intimidating for the single mum.
But two things that the single mum needs to familiarize with and equip themselves for if they are to find true love today are dating sites (websites that is) and speed dating events. There are a number of principles that the single mum must adhere to when venturing into dating sites and speed dating meetings.
  •          Self acceptance
There is a direction correlation between people being attracted to you and how you perceive yourself. If you keep putting yourself down and telling everyone around you what a loser you think you have become, then people you interact with will treat you with the same contempt. Take good care of your dressing, your skin and your hair as these are visual signs of how well you accept yourself. Walk with confidence even when feelings of sadness or fear within you would tempt you to do otherwise. During speed dating, these first impressions play a major role in determining whether there will be a second date or not.

  •         Positive mind-set
You may have heard of or known people that have had a bad experience on a dating site. But be careful not to pass judgment on all dating sites and all the people genuinely looking for love on these websites. As long as you undertake the necessary due diligence before you join a particular dating site or getting in touch with some one that you think matches the qualities you are looking for, you should be fine. Keep a positive attitude that there is someone out there that will not mind that you already have one or more children from a previous relationship and that they will love you and your kids just as you are.

  •        Be warm and welcoming
This does not however mean that you smile even when someone is being rude to you. Be friendly but firm with the people you meet. In this way you will gain respect and still be approachable. Learn to initiate and keep conversations going as this will instantly draw people to you and make you stand out during a speed dating event. Make eye contact with the man that you find attractive. If you find smiling or making eye contact too much for you, try practicing with the people around you before you go on a date.


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