Dating Mistakes Men Make - Words You Should Never Utter To Her

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Many guys make a date with a lady a mess by saying things they should never say to a lady. In this article, I will share with you three things you should say to a lady when you are on a date.
Why on Gods own earth should you tell a girl she looks like your ex-girlfriend? That is a very bad thing to say to a lady on a date! The truth is that no lady wants to hear about a guy's ex-girlfriend. You should try as much as possible to avoid this mistake else, your date is in jeopardy.
Another mistake guys make is asking the lady if you have met her before. This is a very common question guys ask ladies on a date and it is one that jeopardizes their dates. This definitely is a wrong way of talking to a lady. Why not look for a better approach way than asking her if you have met before? Do you think she cares?
Finally, you should never brag. Guys love saying, I won that property at that highbrow area or I own four Escalades. Do you think she cares? Not every lady is a gold digger. Girls hate guys that brag. You should concentrate on things that are more important about you than saying stuffs that will make you sound like bragging.
You should try to avoid all these things i have mentioned if you do not want to mess up your date with any lady. If after avoiding these mistakes and still do not make a success from your date, then surely the lady is not for you. Look beyond her and talk to the next lady that you like.

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