What to Have a Boyfriend? Go and Get One.

Have The Relationship You Want

Are you miserable and feeling dejected because you are sitting at home without a date and the prom is drawing near? You are not alone and there are many girls who are facing the same plight! Don't worry and read these tips that will help you to get that elusive boyfriend in no time at all!
Don't try too hard
This obviously means that you should not get too loud or tacky in order to attract a guy. Remember that guys do not get attracted to girls who are desperate enough to do anything in order to get a date. They are instead attracted to girls who are self confident and independent. So relax and work on that confidence.
Boost your looks
It is no secret that boys want to have beautiful girlfriends so that they can stroll around with a gorgeous gal on their arms just to make their friends envious! It is important to make sure you look gorgeous. Get help and don't plaster on the makeup because guys like the natural look better!
Polish your personality
It is evident that a charming personality helps to get attention and interest. If you want to land yourself with a boyfriend then make sure you have a fascinating personality. Be bold, brave and aspiring. Once the guys notice your talents and charming personality they will be around you likes bees around honey!
Increase your chances
You can do this by being yourself. Boys hate girls who are always pretending to be someone they are not. Besides do you realize how tiring it can be to pretend all the time? The more honest you are with they guys the more they will like you and you will increase your chances of getting a boyfriend.
Be ready for it
Don't back away from attention and put your best foot forward! Once you are in the "finding a boyfriend game" you should be ready and willing to do what it takes. Learn to flirt and get attention. It helps to smile and look available without looking cheap and flashy.
Get into the social scene
You can't get a boyfriend if you sit and mope around at home. You have to get involved in a lot of social activities. Get club or gym memberships and be at places where you can meet all the great looking guys. Be ready for commitment and you will find a boyfriend.
Don't rush it
Don't be in a hurry to clinch the matter as soon as you meet a guy you like, Give him the time he needs to know you better and make up his mind about you. Trying to pair up with him immediately will make you look needy and he will back away. Give him space and time.

Catch Him & Keep Him

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