Adopt the Right Body Language When You Are Dating Your Man

10 Secrets About Men
Body language carries a lot of significance in the communication process. First impressions depend on the type of body language that you exhibit when you meet a new person. In dating the importance of body language is immense. The wrong body language is enough to ward off men and if you are wondering why you have never been approached by a man before read on to find out why!

First impressions do count a lot and when you are all ready to date and win the man of your dreams ensure that you have the right look. No one likes a drab woman. Check yourself before going out and put your best foot forward wherever you go. Be neat and tidy and smell fresh. You should be well groomed and ensure that you have the right attire and the correct attitude wherever you go.
Eye contact is very important when you are dating your man. You must ensure that you look at him directly in the eye and smile. This indicates that you are interested in him and like him. Keep your hands out of your pockets and do not clench your fists. The clenching of fits indicates that you are hostile and aggressive. Keep your palms open and try to touch and caress objects in a gentle way. You can brush away a lock of hair or even use your fingertips to gently circle the rim of your glasses.

Your body posture also carries a lot of significance when you are dating a man. If you are standing with your arms uncrossed this indicates that you are approachable and if you are standing with crossed arms and facing the man this indicates that you seem uninterested and am asking him to back off.
When you are conversing with a man ensure that you are relaxed and not tensed. Tensions will reflect on your face and this can turn the man of your dreams off quickly. Smile and maintain eye contact with him. When you are listening to what he has to say nod your head at regular intervals to convey the message to him that you are interested. You should be comfortable and positive as this will reflect on your face and influence your body language to a great extent as well. Remember that people come to very fast conclusions after reading a persons body language. When you are dating you must ensure that you keep the above in mind if you want to keep your man impressed and loyal to you forever.
10 Secrets About Men



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