How to Keep a Capricorn Man

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Capricorn man is an earth sign, and men of this sign are not interested in women frivolous or adventurer. Such a man is calm and unflappable as his unsolved mystery can be discovering along all life. Capricorn man wants to see next to him only interesting and uncommon woman. 
When Capricorn is already conquered, do not relax, because you can lose him easily, and find him in the company of another woman.

How to keep a Capricorn man?

First of all, constantly improve your intellectual level that would help you develop your personality and push him as well for further growth and development, both at work and at home. Companion for such a man must be a real business lady during the day, an excellent housekeeper and at night Capricorn man wants to see a tiger, full of passion. Only in this case, a Capricorn man will not stare at other women and will forever remain with his chosen.  

Capricorn men are quite conservative, so do not tolerate non-standard speech, even if it's just the opinion of a loved one. He certainly loves a good humor or visit the new exhibition, but their admiration is better to keep for yourself. Capricorn man likes to be first in everything, in your life together, too, he likes a woman who is calm, quiet and not temperamental. 
Need to save the family budget and save money for a particular purpose, or at least for hard times. Home place must be for the wife of a Capricorn man very important, do not spend a lot of money and do everything is better to the family budget and put down every expense on the paper.

Do not bother him with too many questions if Capricorn man came home in no mood, better to wait until he is ready to share everything with you. All women's secrets, anxiety and tears will not touch this man, if you are still wondering how to keep a Capricorn man interested in you. Specifically and directly, you can tell about the problem, but without hints and veiled secrets, because experience of heart and soul, he also controls. Your friends are certainly something good and he will respect them, but rumors and gossip Capricorn man will not tolerate, and even more you should not share any information about your personal life. But indeed, Capricorn man will not let strangers close to your home; even close people in your life will enter only with permissions. Another not quite positive trait of Capricorn man is that he will not admit their mistakes and will never apologize, even when completely wrong.

How to keep a Capricorn man interested in you?

Unfortunately, you shouldn’t wait for words of love and affection from a Capricorn man, as well as gifts. You cannot call such a man mean, he will appreciate the elegant outfit of his companion, even suggest  what in his opinion suits her most, because he has a sense of taste and harmony in his nature. But you should avoid extra expenses, because according to Capricorn man they are useless, even if it comes to gifts to himself, there must be something unique, certainly practical, but not too expensive.

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