The qualities Gemini man would appreciate in you

In order to be loved by Gemini man, you should be:
      - Endowed with imagination;
      - A little crazy;
      - Creative;
      - Immediate;
      - Sociable.
You may lose him if, you are:
      - Too serious;
      - Possessive;
      - Limit his freedom;
      - Ignore his passion;
      - Criticize his superficiality.
      Do not be afraid of the obstacles to win the heart of a Gemini man, it can be done by any woman, it is only important to act calmly and confidently.

Your relationship with a man born under the sign of Gemini will be something great, only if you manage to get his attention to your intelligence. So be talkative, well-expressed, and admire his speed and precision of thought. He will never be interested in a woman who has nothing to say, reticent and secretive.
     Of course, such a partner can bring him opposite of his character, but interest in her may be quickly extinguished. He will start to get bored because of the lack of spiritual contact, because, in his opinion, such contact should be born in the talks. 

     If you want to know what excites him in an intimate relationship, try to remember: there is no uniformity. Emotions can wake him only by the imagination and ingenuity, his interest in the cause itself - only variety in love games.
     The factor that you brought together to become an unexpected initiative on your part. Rest assured: constantly worrying about how to determine your intellectual views and intimate, you will become a treasure for him, which he does not want to lose.

At the same time, avoid actions that might annoy him. If you really want to win the heart of a Gemini, watch out to do what he can cause negative emotions and dislike you. By no means should take his personal freedom, which he appreciates.
     According to him, intelligence is the ability to express his thoughts with lightning speed, and his lady should all at once she understood, and not to question him about the little things, and things are not important.

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