How to avoid the break up with a Gemini man

     Whose fault is you broke up? A more complex situation is when you hurt him, and he's not too pleased to come back to you. It will be difficult for him to live with you and look at you ... In this case; we can only rely on the unpredictability of his mood.
     When dealing with a Gemini man, there are some things to take into consideration: his decision has a huge impact around the reigning atmosphere. Try again to use all means to win, to be exact, to return his trust, but do not think it's easy. He is not so naive to believe and trust again a person who had been deceived, betrayed or hurt him. Get ready for the challenges and trust in fate.
     When he is guilty, the problem is solved easily. If, in spite of everything, what you to be with him or not in the future just know this: he took seriously your decision, and he will not ask you to change your mind in case you decide to leave. So you will have to make him clearly to understand that you do not refuse his company. Recall that different people relations are formed in different ways, citing the example of friends, who also survived some crisis and now again, are a lovely couple.
     Speak to him as much as possible - there is no surer way to come to terms with Gemini man. Conversation can smooth strained relations. If you get involved in constant discussions, soon you will be the best friends again.
     It may also happen that he left in the hope that you will try to bring him back. But you did not take any action, and now regret. In this situation, you just have to wait.
     You should know: his sudden departure and strange behavior is likely explained by Gemini man desire to emphasize his independence. By this action, he probably wanted to show the world, and above all to himself, that at any moment can do what he wants, and no woman would control them. But eventually there comes a moment of weakness, wait for it, and then skillfully use it.
     Here are a few tips that will help you get him close to you again. Remember that this type of men are not characterized by a strong desire for emotional intimacy, to be honest, they do not pay much attention to it, or rather neglected this closeness.
     Regardless of this, you should always remember: his choice lives in a state of perpetual chaos, his nerves are constantly tense, and so the lack of interest in you may be due to reasons not related to you.


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