What I want for Christmas is You! Original Love Letter Sample

Hello, sweet babe,

I hope you had a lovely day, I have been thinking about you a lot today. I was feeling a bit guilty when I read your words about leaving you alone too long...., I really did not mean to do this, I am sorry. You know, even if I can not send a message for a while, I am still thinking about you. You are always on my mind, like the song says...!

I, too enjoy a bit of shopping, but I would enjoy it much better to be shopping with you... I would love to take you to a shopping centre and see you try new clothes and shoes, and but you a special treat..., much nicer than me shopping alone... It is not so much fun shopping alone, so I do quite a bit of shopping online, sometimes on Amazon or Ebay. About 10 days ago I bought some aftershave fragrances online, and waited over 1 week, and no delivery, so I sent an email to the company asking what had happened. They said that they sent the order days ago. Today I visited my local post office depot early this morning, and yes..., they had my parcel. They had tried to deliver it while I was at work, but forgot to put a card through my door, so I had no idea about the delivery. Anyway, now I have got them, and I am very pleased with the fragrances. I am sure you would love these scents..

Yes, bravo..! really good joke about the man praying for the lottery win, I totally get it...! At least I actually buy a ticket..! To tell you the truth, winning the lottery is not so important for me, it is the thought of what I could do for other people that I would really enjoy, if I was to win. I could buy my closest people in my life all the things they have dreamed about, and buy some nice gifts for my close friends. And, I would keep my promise, and take you on a magical trip to all the countries that we have talked about visiting. Then we could do shopping every day that you like..., I might even buy you a big truck for you to drive...!

So, you asked me what I would wish Santa to bring me for Christmas..., My darling, that is an easy question to answer, I want YOU..! That would be my best Christmas present ever...! So, please wrap yourself up, and post yourself to me...! But, until then.., I will maybe get a better mobile phone, so I can use the latest technology.

What would my love like for a special Christmas..?

Yes, I have read quite a lot of love inspiration articles from the links you sent me, some very awesome ideas...! I would not be afraid to try them out..., if you are with the person that you love, and totally trust, then it makes for an exciting and enjoyable experience...! You have so many romantic ideas..

I hope you have a good restful sleep tonight, maybe take your own advice and have a relaxing bath with bubbles.

Love, always...

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