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Despite the amount of electronic communication we have in our lives today, really moving love letters are still part of the process of falling in love. While some of us will tend to email their love letters, there are still plenty of people out there writing them out by hand.
Writing by hand is a process that requires a little more emotion than typing. It's also a bit more time consuming and it sends a very clear message that someone is well worth the extra time and effort. Whether you choose to actually mail it or you hand deliver it, there is something very special about receiving a hand written love letter.
Of course, sometimes you know that you have all of these thoughts and feelings that you want to express but you want to get it just right. After all, isn't that what these types of writings are all about? The depth of emotion can be difficult for some people to translate into words on paper. Sometimes the depth of emotion is actually quite frightening to feel and some have great difficulty translating the emotion into spoken words or even actions. Take your time. It doesn't have to be perfect.
A really fantastic letter is going to be written from deep within. It's not all about the poetry like some of us mistakenly believe. It's about bringing forth the little things. When you are falling in love you often notice the smallest details of someone. This can be a good place to start. Just describing how you feel when you noticed those small details can make a really fantastic love letter. When your interest reads the letter (assuming that the feelings are mutual) they often tend to feel overwhelmed by how easily you took notice of these everyday details.
If the feelings are not mutual but you want them to be, writing a convincing love letter that doesn't become off putting can be a little more difficult. You certainly don't want to come across like a stalker. In such cases it can be equally as moving to put some of your thoughts into wishes. This takes away the potential creepiness of attracting attention by noticing every detail, especially if you're writing to a woman.
Give yourself time to write the letter. Don't hang onto it forever, but read it over once or twice to get a good idea if there's anything you've said in there that makes you feel too vulnerable. Yes, being vulnerable is part of writing a great love letter, but you want to feel like you can open up without feeling like you've gutted yourself. Once you have found that you have spoken honestly, have not overstepped any boundaries, and are basically hopeful that your words will reach receptive ears, your letter is complete.

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