Spice Up Your Love Life With a Little Fashion


Victoria Secret hasn't become a multi-million dollar company just because women need to wear bras and underwear. It's all about the sizzle of sex and I hope the couples that read this embrace the concept. Women want to be viewed as sexy and men want their women to act sexy. Victoria Secret brought lingerie into mainstream America and made men feel good about going into a women's store and shop for their lady. Plus it's always been my position that not only do men want their women to be sexy, but ladies love to be sexy.
• There is something magical about the carnal chemistry that takes place between a man and woman. That moment when the door swings open, or she walks around the corner and reveals her sexy outfit for the evening. It may only stay on for seconds, or minutes, but what a rush it causes.
It doesn't matter whether your comfort level is a simple teddy with spaghetti straps or a corset, pair of stockings, guarder belts and thigh-high riding boots. It's up to you and your spouse to talk about what kick starts your love life. Lingerie sends the message to your spouse that its time to connect and spend some quality time together. Ladies, don't be afraid to be spontaneous and excuse yourself from the room and moments later invite your man to come join you in the bedroom for some hugging, touching and love making.
Making love is a fifty-fifty split and guys love it when their lady takes the initiative to step up and show that she wants him right now. Day to day routines can make it hard to put the business of the day behind you and switch gears to relationship building mode. Establish a routine when you get home that allows you a few minutes to exhale the day away and inhale the evening that lay ahead. You may only have a few hours to spend together before heading off to sleep, but you need to make them count.
• Don't let the day dictate what happens in your relationship. We need to go to work and the kids have to be taken care of, but there are 24 hours in a day and I suggest you spend at least a half hour of quality time every day with your partner. Watching TV doesn't count! Before the lights go out and each of you head off to sleep, ask yourselves this question, "Did we connect today?" Some nights the gas tank may be empty, but if its not, rev up the engine and go racing.


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