The Thirst for Love

I long to kiss thy lotus-blossomed mouth,

An’ danse with thee forever, I wouldst fain;

Indeed, for thy tender love, I now drouth,

To meet thy kisses in the pouring rain.

Thy beauty hath bewitch’d me, an’ I stand fast;

From mine flesh, aught mine strength now doth drain;

At thy beauteous feet, mine love I cast!

Hold me naught captive in thy lofty towers,

For without thee, mine soul into death wilt pass—

Let me sow in thy hair, golden flowers;

An’ I cry out to thee, mine love, oh thou!
‘soever cometh thee at thy lonesome hours;

Without thee in mine life, I wouldst now drown,

So humbly at thy tender feet, I bow.

                              By Andrew London

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