You Changed My Life

If we take a few moments to look back over our lives
One might recall one single moment that changed us completely.
The event that shook one to their core and altered the course of one's life...One special time when a realizion occurred that there was more meaning to life that had ever been considered. A moment where everything else paled, and by comparison faded. A particular person who opened the world and gave a meaning of one's own existence.
For me that moment, that someone, was you.
You are the one who changed everything. The one who changed me. You are my moment that I was waiting for. My life has meaning, feeling, and love.
I have a reason for awakening in the morning, for coming home at night. I feel whole, it feels right and I am grateful to the co-incidences or moment that caused our fateful meeting.
As long as it is my power, I will continue to maintain the love we have developed, and respect the moment that occurred, that changed my life.

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