How to Make Capricorn Man Like You

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Capricorn Man is one of the few men who is able to learn from his mistakes. All his mistakes are carefully analyzed, in fact,  he never makes the same mistake twice.
In his career, he manages to make a lot of connections without any problems. But as soon as he gets to the next level,  none of them is needed.
Capricorn man needs a patient woman, who will be able to face his incredible tediousness. You need to have the patience of an angel, or just to be crazy in love with him.

Capricorn man likes patient women
If you are attracted only by Capricorn Man salary or appearance, you may lose your patience on the second date already. But there is no guarantee  that it will take when you want it, you will need patience to let him decide when you meet again.
If you do decide to marry him, then your middle name should be Patience again. Will need to be able to accept that he is a workaholic, that’s why you'll come third or fourth on the list, after his parents and his own image.
Also, you will need to endure the retreat, because he does not like visitors. Maximum of what you can expect - a lunch with his boss.

Capricorn man likes Independent women
Capricorn man is easy to charm, showing him that you are independent by nature.
If you want Capricorn man be interested in you, you have to prove him you have a higher status and you will see how that may make him be very attracted by you.
He is one of the few who can appreciate a woman who is much smarter than him.
Therefore, it is easier to make him like you being in a business atmosphere.

Capricorn man likes hardworking, loving and caring women
Lazy women will not be able to catch men from this zodiac sign. Capricorn man will not tolerate any of this, for example: if he comes home from work and the house is not clean, dinner is not waiting for him or you ignore him chatting on the phone with your friend. Even if you are not his wife, it will be very difficult for him to relax in such an atmosphere because they like to get a lot of attention and affection.

Capricorn man likes women who are very passionate in bed
But, despite all that Capricorn loves making love. He is a quite caring and sensitive lover. He likes his partner be open during love making and show all of you. He does not understand how can you not love oral fixation. Therefore, if you want to hold him and to make you love even more, then you should need to love to make love as much as he likes. And let him do everything that may excite him.
Do not forget if a Capricorn man desires the woman he likes, he would find time to see, call or text as often as he can and be like a fortress for her.

If we conclude all mentioned above: in order to make a Capricorn man like you you should be patient, kind, independent, caring and be a goddess in bed for him.

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