Open Relationship - The Pros and Cons

Quite a popular topic today, isn’t it? What is, in principle, open relationship, what it brings and how they usually end? In fact, an open relationship is something that does not imply any commitment from both parts of partners. We can talk endlessly about how important is to make a man to understand that he is not burdened, but in the subconscious of every woman lies only goal - to be the only and beloved for her man.
A man, anyway, psychologically needs a sense of freedom. Total control, constant quarrels, inquiries and other delights of living together can barely inspire a man to create a cozy family nest.

What are the benefits of such relationships for women and men?
First, it is not limited the freedom of action. Second, there appear new sensations, often partners get bored of staying together for many years, but sometimes crazy act on the part of one of the partners will bring a fresh drive to the relationship. These actions include: role play, sex toys, or sex in a new place. For example, sex in the car, it brings not only a new experience and adrenaline, but also opens a partner on the other side. Many couples live long periods of time in this kind of relationship and do not see anything wrong with it. Others prefer to live separately with occasional meetings, but always to keep in touch calling each other. This is a conscious desire of couples that are now called «Guest marriage. »

Distance relationship - is it that bad?
For some segments of society to distance relationship is a necessity, for example, for older women. They drew up a husband for their retirement years, but don’t share any aspects of responsibility. So they do not become boring each other, with each new meeting they learn new facts and don’t have any disagreement. And this is a wonderful feeling of expectation of attractiveness and moments of love. But its disadvantages are present such as costs a lot of money for expensive flights, getaways, even communication through modern technology is no substitute for the warmth and tenderness hanging out together. The main thing in a distance relationship is to remain part of a life partner, in fact it is a very difficult task, and improving every day their relationships into one "perfect", one day it comes the comprehension that you just do not need it, and at this moment from both partners, the woman is more vulnerable.

What are the consequences of an open relationship to a woman?
Due to an open relationship, relationship to the distance in most cases the woman is suffering because she hopes that her partner ever make an offer for this time she is getting older , not getting better, her self-esteem drops, she often wondered what in it is not so!? Not finding the answer the woman begins to despise her, thinks that men need women only for sex, which is why it becomes unbalanced, increasingly nervous breakdowns occur. And then she thinks that happiness can bring breakup? And when the woman decides to take these steps she becomes “divorced” but happy.

What have we come to, exploring this question?

But the question is purely personal. And is more suited to young people who are not ready for marriage and family life , but who are willing to do crazy things. It is not always necessary to break their stereotypes, and especially hurt the psyche, trying to adjust to their possible partners. Indeed, in most cases, such relationships do not lead to anything good.

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