Tips How To Keep Your Man Interested in You all the Time

If you want to keep a guy interested in you, you would better try to understand male psychology. It will not be easy for you, but you will be satisfied with the results! If you truly want to know what it takes to keep your man interested in you follow these tips:

Guys love variety
Most guys love variety when it comes to females. The more beautiful women they get to date the happier they become! If you want to keep him faithful and interested in you and you alone, you have to strive to be the hottest and most attractive chick around! Do your best to face the competition and you will have him around you.

Guys like the cave-man approach

This means that guys like to chase and "capture" their prey. The more exciting the chase the more attracted he gets. Don't become too available or easy to get. Let him chase you like you were the unattainable prize! You can be sure this will keep him interested in you.

Keep the look "hot" and stunning
The moment you stop looking gorgeous and sexy - he is most likely to look at other more stunning females around. If you want to stop his eyes from wandering, look beautiful and hot whenever you are with him. In fact, let him long to clap eyes on you! Be stylish and endeavor to stand out in the dowdy dreary crowd.

Stop being annoying
The minute you change from the cute, interesting and entertaining female into the crabby, nagging and jealous witch - he will be off! The best way to keep him interested in you is not to change once you hook him. Be understanding, loving and as exciting as ever. This will keep the romance and sexuality alive!

Put these 3 things in your secret love arsenal. Watch 

Appreciate him with all your heart
The way to keep him interested in you is to appreciate him and not take him for granted. This way he will know that you not only love him but also respect him. He will realize that you are a great find and will do everything to keep the relationship going for as long as possible!

Don't let the relationship get stale
It is obvious that when you allow things to become boring and predictable, your man is going to look around for excitement. Change the old routines and surprise him. If you are spontaneous and innovative he will look forward to coming home to you and stay interested.

Go out of your way
Go out of your way to satisfy your man physically, mentally and emotionally. He will absolutely love it when you dress up for him, flirt with him and stimulate his senses in every way. What guy could ask for more? This will also prove your love and devotion.

Catch Him & Keep Him

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