The Secret How to Make a Guy Fall in Love

10 Secrets About Men

Ever wondered if you could make a guy fall in love with you? Do you find yourself alone because you're not getting past the first few dates? Have you thought that there is something someone isn't telling you, or you missed out on? If you answered yes then this is the right place to find learn the big secret. Just read on and find out how to make a guy fall in love with you.
Dissecting The Guy's Thoughts and Emotions
It is a large challenge but you must understand the guy and his opinion in order to react the right way. Most women believe that guys just do not want to commit, period. They just want one night stands, or casual sex all the time.
This isn't true, and you should know that all guys can fall in love very hard just as you and ever other woman can. Once a man falls he is just as committed as a woman would be. The issue lies there, as it takes a guy much longer to just fall though. This is the challenge, and can be stressful to women.

Can We Hurry This Along?
Have The Relationship You Want
Speeding a guys timeline to fall in love along is tricky, but there are ways of doing it. Make sure not to be noticeable or let him know something is up. The most important thing to do is make him feel as though you have known one another much longer than you actually have. This is done by experiencing a lot of different things together very quickly. For example go out to eat, then for a walk, then a movie, and keep suggesting things to do while focusing on a variety of experiences together.
That way when it is looked back upon, it feels as though there has been so many times together, shared among you like friends for a long time would have shared. This speeds up the process while getting to know each other quickly. Be careful not to overdo it though. This is one technique that is proven to work, if you want to make a guy fall in love.
Have The Relationship You Want

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