Is it Love Or Lust

It can be difficult to determine if what you are feeling for your loved one is actually love or lust. Many times a deep infatuation at the beginning of a relationship will feel like the real thing. But as time moves on, you find all you were looking for is different that what is actually there. Society at times will lead us to believe in the concept of love at first sight. What we feel at the onset of a relationship is actually nothing more than lust.
But what is lust? Well, in general lust is a physical attraction we have to another person that leads our desires to be with them. Often it stems for only physical portions. However, on a rare occurrence we can lust after someone for the knowledge that they posses. It is important to understand that when you lust after someone you are not necessarily lusting sex. Remember that lust is a physical attraction and nothing more. Having a sexual need is something very different.
Love in turn is deeper than a physical level. Often you will find that they two can be combined for the ultimate experience. When you love someone, you want what is truly in their best interest. It is a positive experience, where you begin to do what you can to help improve another persons life. You do not seek out the fights, and cause drama. If you have mistrust, jealousy, insecurity or even spite, what you are feeling is a copycat version of love. This in time will pass. When you love someone, it is with out restrictions. You want to see them as happy as they can be.
But what you are feeling is it love or lust. No one can tell you that for sure. When it comes from the heart, and it is genuine, there is a strong chance you have love. Step back from your relationship and answer the following. When you look over what you do for your partner, are you doing it to make them feel great, or because you them to give back to you?
Remember, lust and love are both unique emotions. While one is a physical desire the other is based on an emotional level. Trust your heart, and if it is right, things will fall into place. Be true to yourself, and love you first and foremost.

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