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Going to clubs or bars has become boring for many women. It’s always the same thing, lots of drunken guys, expecting you to sleep with them just because they’ve bought you a couple of drinks. All throughout the ages, beautiful women have made it a point to date rich and wealthy men.

Dating a rich man has its advantages. Why? For one thing, you don’t have to worry about having to pay for HIS dinners or help him with HIS finances. Sadly, but true, many women of today’s world want equal rights, but are also told that in order to have those equal rights they need to help pay their men’s bills. This is really insane. When you date a rich man, let him take care of you, but at the same time, let him know that you are prepared to also pay for the tab at times.
By dating a rich man, you can enjoy trips and vacations, you have your own freedom to spend your money they way you want. On top of that, you know that if you were to get married to him, he could easily provide a wonderful life style for you and your future children. Rich men are different from just the ordinary man. He is more refined and has experienced the world a little more. He is usually more educated and can talk to you about a variety of topics and subjects. The average guy may just be interested in football or baseball or even video games. How boring is that! But how do you find a rich man?
Have you ever asked yourself what men want? The truth is that men want a woman that’s not only beautiful but is intelligent. While there are many varieties of tastes in what men want, all men will agree that they want a sexy woman. What one man considers sexy may be different to what another man considers sexy. Sexy is not just a physical definition, but it has to do with a combination of looks, intelligence and personality.
Many rich men want to date a hot woman. They feel that since they have worked so hard to make it financially where they are, they want a woman that also works hard at what she does, whether it is exercising and keeping her body fit or also having passions of her own. These things don’t cost a lot of money, but they do cost time and thought.
What do men want? Hot Women. What do women want? Rich Men.

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