The Tips to a Pefect Wedding. Wedding Transport

When you are looking around for wedding transport it will soon become apparent that you can choose between an enormous variety of vintage and modern four-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles or, alternatively, four hooves!
A very romantic alternative to wedding transport
     When you are looking for aternatives, don't simply rely on a photograph, as scale and colour can be misinterpreted.
     Take the trouble to go and look at the vehicle, and consider the obvious:
     Will you be able to get in and our easily, and without too much embarrassment. If your dress is quite full, will you fit in comfortably or will guests only be able to see a mass of material bunched up against the window. Does it look like the owner or company keep it clean and polished, or will they arrive with dirty seats showing signs of the previous wedding !
     The colour of the car you choose is very important. How will it look in photographs !
     Unless you are getting married in pure white, a white car can make a cream or ivory dress look dirty in photographs.
     Depending on the service offered, ribbon and flowers may be provided as standard, but ask anyway - especially if you want specific colours. Owners of vintage cars and carriages will probably want to use their own silk flowers, as fresh ones can stain and mark the interior. It is worth considering your options in case there is an unavoidable  problem with the vehicle. It may break down for instance! Does the company have other cars that could be used as an alternative.
     If your wedding is on a Saturday then there is a good chance that you will need to book up to a year in advance in order to secure the car that you want. When you have booked the vehicle make a date to meet them again two to     three weeks, before the big day to ensure they have the correct times, addresses and route.

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