The Tips to a Pefect Wedding. The Photographer

Unless you intend to have your newlywed bride and groom photographs taken after the wedding day, you only get one chance to get it right, so be very careful when you choose your photographer. Quality should be the priority. A quailified professional photographer will be able to show you the style and quality of their work beforehand. Ask to see samples from a previous wedding presented in an album.

A good photographer's work will tell the story of the wedding day, and will be much more than a series of photographs. Be careful because price dose't always reflect quality!

You may have already seen the work of a photographer you would like to use. Otherwise you can look in the Yellow pages. But do look for the letters LBIPP, ABIPP, or FBIPP after the photographer's name to make sure that they are professionally qualified.

One of the advantages of the FBIPP is that they also hold regional seminars for their members, which means that they will probably be up-to-date on the latest styles and techniques.

Qualified photographers tend to specialise, and it therefore makes sense to choose someone who specialises in weddings. A local photogapher will know the venue, and should know where to get the best shots. Ideally you need to visit the church or location with the photographer to discuss what you would like. If the weather is going to make difference to your photography then decide on your alternatives. Good photographers are likely to get booked up early, so try to allow six months for planning.

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