Tips to a Perfect Date

Most people just go out to dinner at some fancy restaurant on their first few dates. But that’s just not very special or original. Your partner will appreciate that you actually came up with something creative and romantic.
If you want to stand out from the crowd, always strive to be yourself, to be different… Don’t go on the same dates everyone else goes on, and don’t copy what everyone else does. Do something exciting and memorable, and most importantly – have fun. Fun and happiness is extremely infections… people just can’t get enough.

Are restaurants becoming boring as date destinations? Check out all the types of dates you’re missing out on:

•    Unique TV/Movie Dates
•    Different Dinner Dates
•    Vacation Dates
•    Picnic Dates
•    Game Dates
•    Craft Dates
•    Sports/Outdoors Dates
•    Long Distance Dates

Date ideas:

•    Instead of a lunch or dinner date, try a breakfast date.
•    Go for a night swim with candles floating in the pool.
•    Try making a gourmet meal together.
•    Rent a convertible for the day while the weather is still warm and take a ride to the beach, mountains or countryside.
•    Warm up the house in winter by baking several batches of cookies with your sweetheart to share with friends, family and coworkers.
•    Go through a gourmet grocery store sampling the items and buying something you have never tried before.
•    Spend an afternoon or evening in an art gallery and pretending you are professional art reviewers. Give each other a critique of several of the pieces.
•    Take your sweetheart on a tour of your old high school or college – pointing out all the special places.
•    Purchase coloring books and spend the evening coloring and talking about your childhoods.
•    Stay up all night and visit places that are open very late like Waffle House, Wal-Mart and dance clubs.
•    Make s’mores in your fireplace.
•    Attend a high tea.
•    Make an old fashioned root beer float and drink it with two straws.
•    Wash, blow dry and brush your lover’s hair.
•    Celebrate your sweetheart’s “half” birthday (six months after his or her real birthday).
•    Go to a nearby park with hiking trails.
•    Pretend you are without power and light up your place with candles and just talk for a change.

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