I love You now and Always

I love you now and always
We are not together often
But even the brief times
Spent with you are wonderful to me
I love you I need you
Give me your love

Today more than ever
I want you to know
How very important our relationship is to me
No one has ever made me feel
So wanted so needed and so loved

Circumstances do not allow us
To spend as much time together as I would like
The little things like a phone call
Now and then
A kiss and a smile
Mean so much to me

You have touched me so deeply
You made me reach for my dreams and my goals
Your love is in my many thoughts
My feelings and my dreams
I have never known so much joy
Felt so much love as I do with you
I love you now and always

You are the most important part of me
I want you to know that in all my life
I have never felt like this you mean so much to me
The next time you think of me
Just remember how much little things mean to me
You are my love

I love you, come to me now
You will always be within me you are a part of me
I can not do without you
I belong to you as you with me
With all of my love now and always

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