Blood group and love

Here you see him, attractive, with big salary and stylish car. Friends envy you, mother tells not to miss him. But things are not going well for you, as they say “one’s heart isn’t in it”.
Scientists consider that besides psychological fuss and inconsistencies, there’re also clearly physiological ones - for example, blood group. Not it’s fashionable to eat and treat according to this method, but relationships??¦ No! You shouldn’t break with your boyfriend only because of your different blood groups. However, it’s useful to know what expects you in future.

Blood group # 1.
This self-confident, purposeful place-hunter doesn’t need a rival at all. Trembling and awe they feel for strong women may not be an obstacle for romantic relations, if a woman gives him to understand at once, that she’s not a leader in your house. And she will have to keep her parnter in dark for ever, otherwise his affected ambition will definitely lead to breakup.
Women with second blood group attract him with their surface inaccessibility, but keep with their further obedience and devotion, as he cannot imagine his life without them.
Women with third blood group are giddy and elusive, they will be best for holiday season or light office flirt. And if you are impatient to charm this egoist, forget about your light-mindedness.
Women with fourth blood group are serious and intelligent, they will get into contact with this hero easily, the main is to get hold of him, until his interest is replaced by boredom. Some mystery and light-mindedness will help you.

Blood group # 2.
Strong and romantic natures of women-representatives of first blood group interest them in yough age, so if you failed to lasso him at once, your chances are lowering in proportion with your age. Although such husband - is true support and creator of comfort for a business-woman. If she’s a strategist in business, then he’s just a necessary tactician, but it’s difficult to reach warmth and unity in such relations.
Women with same blood group are too cold and wise for him, he should be confident in strong feelings of his half, as she’s his home front.
And third group will be able to provide sincere, warm and spontaneous relations to this secluded workaholic best of all.
He often likes women with fourth blood group, they are good at communication and in bed, but this affair hardly ends with marriage.

Blood group # 3.
They know how to please everybody and don’t deprive themselves of pleasure of communication with everybody. Women-representatives of first blood group often want to gain them and make concessions to them gladly.
Our heroes like rationalism and some earthiness of women with second blood group, as they can do without this earthiness, but have no objection to using it in others.
Universal in love, they feel storm of cheers and emotions with coevals, understand each other wonderfully and give inexhaustible pleasure to second half.
Indeed, gifted idealist with fourth blood group has same chances. Although a partner’s wild temperament may not suit this thoughtful dreamer.

Blood group # 4.
Women with first blood group have little chances. They are treated like men in skirt, their opinions seem to be too sharp and categoric for him. He can admire and respect them, but not love. Indeed, if a woman is senior and more experienced, than her partner, then she can achieve her goal, playing a role of a mother, tender woman, but at the same time leading and supporting.
Not very self-confident men of this blood group often like representatives of second blood group. Their tenderness, kindness and quiet are just necessary for this romantic’s restless soul.
However, you shouldn’t expect repose with third group. However, they are life-loving and sincere, and relations with them promise storm of emotions and feelings, both pleasant and vice versa.
Two grumblers and individualists in one bottle are incompatible, like similar charges. It’s difficult for them to stay up without supporting each other in their helplessness.

Blood group # 1.
For strong and purposeful women of this group men with the same group are too dangerous, their relations resemble military operations, not a love union.
Realists and practical men from second group - are their true home front and support. Such couple has the strongest and happiest marriages.
Representatives of third group are too untrustworthy and frivolous - in general, they are attractive, but dangerous.
Spinelessness of romantics from fourth group rather irritates, not attracts.

Blood group # 2.
A true associate, voluntary housemaid, industrious subordinate - she plays all these roles in relations with a strong and self-confident partner with first blood group.
She’s too similar with men of the same blood group - they are calm realists. Indeed, if her loved one is little senior her, then their marriage will be stable and happy.
She will remember a short, but wild affair with a representative of first group for a long, but she’ll hardly like a prospect of becoming a cuckold.
Romantics from fourth group will bring missing loftiness into our heroine’s life, what can cause both great love and irreconcilable hatred.

Blood group # 3.
They do want to gain representatives of first group, but only like a trophy, to flatter their self-esteem. There’re no feelings here.
Other partners attract them in their own way: men with the same group attract with their adventurism, men with second group - with odd earthiness and calmness, romantics with fourth group - with mystery and idealism.

Blood group # 4.
They do like leaders from first group. This is an ideal for them, causing deference and delight. But their own insignificance near this idol may also tire them.
Relations with second group are ideal. A tender and stable, defender and bread-winner can really bring happiness to his soul mate, and she will present him the whole ardour of her romantic soul.
Unreliability of men from third group scares away and attracts at the same time. So it’s dangerous to throw in their lot with them.
Prospects are not happy with men of the same group.
However, considering peculiarities of your partner, evaluating all his pluses and minuses, not requiring impossible things from him, it’s quite possible to avoid reefs on the sea of love feelings.
The main is to know what to do.

If you like a person with:

First blood group
Take him by assault, no diplomacy and mystery. Tell him about your feelings sincerely and offer something at once. Arrange a romantic evening (surely with a beautiful table, nice dress and delicious food) and finish it with open passion.

Second blood group
In struggle with rivals your weapon - is spiritual affinity. Show him you understand him better and can care about his interests. Don’t hurry events, he should understand he won’t find anyone better than you by himself. Don’t irritate him with endless requests, like: “Tell me that you love me” or questions: “When will you move to my place?”

Third blood group
Don’t listen to, but hear every word, flatter, remember his achievements and be astonished by his rectitude in every possible case. Sincerity and spontaneity will help you a lot in relations with him.

Fourth blood group
No matter what he does - everything is genious. He’s just irreplaceable. Give him commissions and be delighted with him beyond all measure. But never require anything from him directly. If you chose him as your husband, chum up with his relatives and friends. Allow them telling him about your soleness. And further he will break the ice between you.

If you want to avoid breakup after a quarrel with a person of:

First blood group
Make excuses at once and redress a wrong through African passions in bed.

Second blood group
Admit to being in the wrong calmly. Even if it’s not truth, invent your blame. Most likely, he will admit graciously, that he got angry too.

Third blood group
Wait until he makes the first step and offers something. But don’t forget to admire his intelligence.

Fourth blood group
He will calm down little by little, and relations will warm up. But it’s good to link up a go-between from his company.

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