Tips How to Keep a Capricorn Man in Love With You

If you're searching for information on how to keep a Capricorn man, it's obvious you're madly in love with one of these very special men. Capricorn men are incredibly desirous for several reasons. When a man like this falls in love he gives everything he has to the woman he adores. He'll love her passionately and fully and in his mind he wants that love to last a lifetime, just as you do. There are several things you can to do ensure that happens.

Understanding how to keep a Capricorn man includes recognizing what's important to him and lining up your priorities with his. These men are driven to succeed so quite often their career becomes a passion. If you feel neglected by that, it can lead to serious problems between the two of you. It's important that you understand that his need to succeed at work is because he sees himself as a provider. Much of his self worth is tied to his profession so if you can support that and encourage that, he'll feel a special connection with you.

A thirst for new knowledge is a quality that a Capricorn man finds deeply appealing in a woman. If you're the type of woman who likes to watch mindless television programs or read gossip magazines that may actually eventually turn him off. He craves to have a conversation with you about world issues and he loves when you are reading a new book and are engrossed in it. 
Secretly, many Capricorn men long to be with someone who is smarter than them. Intelligence and a drive to keep learning will help you keep your Capricorn in love with you. Always be on the search to discover new things you can share with him. He'll love it and you more for it.
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Don't take life too seriously though if you want to establish a lasting and strong connection with your Capricorn man. These men have a wonderful sense of humor and they enjoy it when the women they're with can make them laugh. Don't stoop to making fun of others in an effort to tickle his funny bone. He'll find that and you offensive. Keep your humor light and fun and he'll keep smiling.

One thing that many Capricorn men really adore is a compliment. He wants to know that you think he's unique and special. He loves hearing that you've never known anyone like him. Pump up his ego a bit with genuine, heartfelt compliments and he'll be yours forever.

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